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I have see some VCD show which have say two tracks on the Disc but when it play, you don't see a pause when jumping take place from first track to the next track.

I wonder how it can be done to eliminate the pause between track? I have difficulty sometime in editing a long mpeg files, so I have to break them into different tracks but I will love to see if it can be burn into VCD and run as if it only have a track.

I don't see this kind of "eliminate pause between track" option in WinOnCD software. Can some one help. Thanks

-- Anthony Ang (, December 23, 2000


Use VideoPack4; make one long track, then in track properties, set enrty points. When you press FW or REV you jump cleanly to the next or prev entry point. Other than this you have to make tracks. Nero has an option for 0 sec pause between tracks. Experience has proven though, that it isn't really zero...

-- MT (, December 25, 2000.

If you use Nero, I can help you with this. After you have dragged all mpeg files into the window, select ALL the files and double click to change the time setting. The reason that you have pause between the track coz time is set as infinite, if you change to "seconds", I believe that it will go continuously **I suppose** :)

Good luck..

-- squall (, December 29, 2000.

I tried setting the pause between tracks to zero seconds, but the pause persists.

-- Noah Zark (, April 24, 2003.

The answer ? Nero sucks for audio burning ;)

use Exact Audio Copy for instance, no more pause prob (track pauses) and it does what Nero can't manage : it allows to open cue file for a large mp3 file

Believe me, this '0 seconds' tip in nero really sucks, if it's a mixed album, You'll always have a very short blank between the tracks with this dirty nero (even the latest, version 6) ... but with eac and other burning audio files progs, no more prob !

-- Jos de Boss (, October 06, 2003.

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