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I bought a portable mp3 cd player and noticed that it also plays VCDs when hooked up to a TV. SO I hae been doing that for a little bit, but just now have wondered about those menus likes DVD players. After asking around I found out that Videopack 4.0 was a good piece of software. SO I bought it a little after that and installed it. For some reason it won't read by HP 8100i Cd-Writer Plus. However on the left menu when I click SCSI it is listed there with no drive letter. It juse read the N: drive (The CD-RW drive) a normal CD-Rom. I have had no problems with any other software so found this starange. Any Ideas?

-- Todd DeBacker (, December 23, 2000


VideoPack 4.0 has not been for sale for months and months. Your COPY is stolen, hacked, whatever. All u had to do was say you needed help with VideoPack. You lied to us!? Why? I have the answer but am unwilling to help. Sorry!

-- Lied 2 (, December 23, 2000.

you have to go to the cequadrat site

and go to drivews and fine the one for your burner. Reinstal vp4 and do not restart your pc, at that point instal the driver (it will aks you where) in the vp4 folder. then restart your PC. This should work as i have had the same problem with my plextor burner

-- Doug (, December 23, 2000.

Did I say I bought it from the Store. No! I bought the software off ebay because I knew that although used it would still be in working condition for a cheaper price. But thanks for getting me angry. The software was not stolen, hacked, or whatever you are led to believe

-- Todd DeBacker (, December 23, 2000.

Thats even better. My cousin works for ebay. I had him do a search for video pack being sold over the past 6 months. Guess what. NADA!!!!! LIER

-- Lied 2 (, December 23, 2000.

Karm down children

-- Childish (, December 26, 2000.

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