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I am shooting B&W in snow conditions, how can I gat greater contrast; whiter snow, darker skies? I am using a Minolta700si and Kodak 400.

-- Marc Pincente (, December 23, 2000


With B&W film, a yellow filter will darken a blue sky and create greater contrast between the sky and the clouds. An orange filter will have a greater effect (i.e., will darken sky more), a red filter will have an even greater effect.

-- Larry Rudy (, December 23, 2000.

Try using both the red filter as well as a polorizer filter, this reduces the glare of the snow, darkens the sky and gives a rather interesting look.. put the polorizer on the lense first than the red filter, recomended only on really sunny days, although vignetting may occur....

sorry so late a response, maybe you can try this next winter :)

-- Heather McNulty (, May 13, 2001.

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