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Casey has signed on to be in the new George Clooney flick- "Oceans-11" Matt Damon and Ben lobbied hard to get him in instead of Owen or Luke Wilson, who were the Director's first choice(Steven Sonderbergh). Matt Damon had to promise to play in the movie if Casey was given a shot. So, Matt Damon will also be in the film.

-- jo jo (, December 21, 2000


I knew that casey was going to be in oceans 11, but i didn't hear about the wilson brothers thing. On it says:

Owen Wilson Note: The January start date conflicts with the start of Wes Anderson's The Royal Tenenbaums, which Owen Wilson is signed for, and Luke Wilson might be as well. Does that mean the Wilsons will be leaving this one? Stay tuned. (9/21/00) Yep, the Wilsons have indeed dropped out.

-- sonia (, December 21, 2000.

see, that's why I love you guys- you do the researcha so I don't have to!!! lol

-- dramaqueenie (, January 04, 2001.

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