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Have you had trouble sending or receiving packages? How do you feel about UPS and Fed-EX? Ever had problems with them?

-- Anonymous, December 21, 2000


In response to your query about trouble with parcel delivery businesses, I have had several. If I remember right I sent two packages to the owner of this here forum (a country radio station t-shirt and some architectural renderings which I am quite famous for) and had them shipped out on the same day and they arrived about 3 days apart or so. Also before mentioned owner of before mentioned forum sent me something for x-mas before I sent her x-mas present and her present got to me after mine got to her. I think the only way to allievate this problem of delayial of packages is for the owner of this forum to move near to where the writer of this here response can then drop it off to her house and then save some water.

-- Anonymous, January 04, 2001

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