I missed the first episodes!

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With eight teams, I figure there are four preliminaries, two semis and a final (duh), but I missed three of the four preliminaries! Are they going to be rerun on TLC in Canada?

Seen: Techno Teachers vs Manic Mechanics / Coffee Grinder

Techno Teachers vs Brothers in Arms / Combine Beach Boys vs NERDS / Steam Car

Not Seen: Bridges? Amphibious Vehicles? Minisubs? Cannons?

Any info would be greatly appreciated!!


W. Molders

-- Werner Molders (mikoyan-gurevich@usa.net), December 21, 2000


There are a total of 10 episodes in this set. Best bet is giving the TLC viewer line a call, and asking for repeats. (this discussion group is run by the production company that makes them, not TLC the network that shows them)

take a look at my detailed writeup on the steam car http://www.the-nerds.org/#steam

-- Jeff - The NERDS (dp@the-nerds.org), December 21, 2000.

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