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How many ships landed in San Francisco in 1849 the year of the Gold Rush? a. 212 b.1584 c.697 d.16

-- David Covey (, December 21, 2000


Is this a "Who wants to be a m..." question? b should be about right, as specially in the later part of 1850 many ships were outright abandoned in port.

-- Wolfgang Schubert (, December 21, 2000.

Nice game. May be, may not be...

June 4, 1849 The "Panama" arrived in San Francisco Bay. There were already about 200 deserted ships in the harbor because the crews had abandoned them for the gold fields.

November 10, 1849 Collector of the Port said 697 ships arrived in port since April 1 of which 401 were American and 296 were foreign. Museum of the City of S.F.

-- Heinz-Dieter Krippendorf (, December 21, 2000.

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