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How does the temperature of bread affect the time it takes for bread to grow and how much mold grows on it?

-- Anonymous, December 20, 2000


Bread and mold go hand in hand, or better spore in loaf. Bread is food. It is a nutritive medium we consume for energy. Mold has similar interests. Just as we exist at 98.6 F, mold also has a preferred temperature. Molds vary, but most enjoy cool damp enviroments, just like the refrigerator. In a laboratory, scientists use small environmental units much like your refrigerator to grow and study mold. Most bread contains traces of propionic acids added to prevent mold growth. Home baked bread usually lacks this additive, so the bread usually shows mold within 3-5 days.

The temperature of the loaf has a lot to do with microbial activity. Let's run a scenario-

1 loaf on your counter, room temp 1 loaf in your basement, 55 F 1 loaf in your freezer, 10 F (Granted all are from the same bake, unopened, sharing common lineage)

The loaf at room temp with propionic acids will last about a week The loaf in the basement will last about 50-60% of this time The loaf in the freezer will take years to develop mold if at all (Given, the loaf would have poor palatability if kept frozen for too long)

I hope this answers your question.


-- Anonymous, January 02, 2001

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