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Online Word For Today- "A Meeting At Mars Hill" Scripture Reference:Acts 17:23 [Paul speaking] AMPLIFIED VERSION: For as I passed along and carefully observed your objects of worship. I came also upon an alter with this inscription, "To The Unknown God". Now what you already worshiping as unknown, this I set forth to you.

In this lesson we find the Apostle Paul and Silas, on their second missionary journey. At this time, Paul and Silas were in the local Synogouge teaching the Holy Scriptures to the Jews and some of the prominent Greeks of that day, some believed and some where onlookers. Just as things were getting good in Berea, Jews from Thessalonica, heard he was preaching the Word, and they wanted to start some trouble. So some of the brothern escorted Paul to Athens and he instructed Silas and Timothy to meet him in Athens as soon as the smoke clears. While waiting for Timothy and Silas to join him, he became distressed over the fact of seeing everywhere he went in Athens, idols. During his layover in Athens, of course Paul preached against the idols in the city. In the middle of Pauls' preaching, the educators, philosophers, came to hear what he had to say. Many of them debated Paul as he preached about the true and living God. To make a long story short, Paul was taken to the town theater where, most of the townspeople could hear Paul speak on "these new teachings". Paul, pointed out in his speech, to the people of Athens "you are religious in every way...even built an altar with the inscription TO THE UNKNOWN GOD". What Paul mean when he said, "you are religious in every way"? Is this happening today? We have come accostomed to assimulate this story in Scripture as Paul was sent to the unsaved and through showing the true revelation of the Lord, that shall be saved. True, however, even in the church, many are worshiping in ingnorance, going through the religious format and building altars which say "TO THE UNKNOWN GOD". When we begin to worship the idols in our lives, when we regard things, people before God, when others can only see stone dead idols instead of the "Living Stone" which is Christ, we have given our alliegence to the "UNKNOWN GOD". This meeting of the great and small with Paul is an example of how some of us in the church has or is treating the Lord God. We have become more concerned with programs and ministries, and the names of great pastors, prophets, many of us realize or understand in the ignorance of worshiping these idols, we have place ourselves in a dangerous position with the Almighty God? Another reason why the people of Athens worshiped "THE UNKNOWN GOD" was out of tradition. Tradition and the Church just dont mix. When Paul(new move of the Lord) entered in Athens, a dead traditional place, the religious and educational leaders came against him to first debate his stance, second to discredit the information which Paul presented. This is evident in the Church. When a new move of the Lord enters in, the old stuff will try to stop the flow. While Paul preached on the Living God, the philosophers continued to questioned this "new teaching". As he taught, the ears of the people were opened, a few of them left with Paul and others stayed and continued to question. We see that this true in the Church. In this account we as saints can learn that if we are to worship God we must first worship in Spirit and in truth. Second, even in the ingnorance of the their worship, those who saw the move of God came out from the darkness into the Light. Third, the idols in our lives, and "THE UNKNOWN GOD" if we fail to allow God to be first in lives, and dont get rid of those idols we hold high, then we will always be worshiping "THE UNKNOWN GOD".  

-- Anonymous, December 20, 2000


Dear gospeldove I do not remember seeing your name before. And if this is your first time on the board I want to welcome you with love. It is always exciting to meet a new christian family member. You raised some intersting points, I cannot speak for other churches, just the one I pastor, my training at seminary emphasized the education of laity and sharing of knowledge that those of us who are seminary trained should do. I went to Princeton Seminary which is a presbyterian seminary, so education of the church is foundational to church growth in the eyes of Princeton. So my style of leadership reflects my seminary training. Also at my seminary 80 percent of the graduates pastor small churches, so it is imperative to train laity to lead bible study etc. I have been a methodist for most of my life and Methodism as started by John Wesley was started as a study group at Oxford University. By the way they made fun of John Wesley and his small group, they called them "methodists" which was a derogotory title. Let's look to the 21st century for further education. I am new to the AME church, but there are many opportunities to learn in this denomination and then go back to the local congregation. Again welcome aboard.

-- Anonymous, December 20, 2000

Can we assume that the persons involved in this discussion either understand the scriptures or will study the references before they respond? Forgive me if this offends anyone. Blessings Pastor Paris

-- Anonymous, December 20, 2000

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