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An interesting blend of some previous shows would be to merge the "missile launcher" (ie throws a football) with a target challenge. In US/Canadian terms, why not have a device that can score a field goal from the length of a football field (100 yards, ie a bit under 100 m). As an added challenge, any sort of sabot or guide fins would have to be discarded before the football passed between the uprights.

The number of different approaches is mind boggling. Air cannons, catapults, trebuchets, engine powered slings, compressed air "bottle rockets", even electromagnetic "rail-guns" could be built out of the scrap...maybe 100 m is a bit conservative.

-- Arthur Majoor (a_majoor@hotmail.com), December 20, 2000


I think that may be a good idea. But judging from the results of the actual footbal/rugby "missile launcher" episode, the teams may not be able to shoot the ball far enough, much less with accuracy.

-- ed (ed22778@yahoo.com), December 27, 2000.

Perhaps a 100m toss is a bit much, but don't forget a bicycle powered air cannon shot a rugby ball over 60m in the missile launcher episode. If the team wanted to use a catapult or trebuchet, it would have to be much larger than the crossbpw idea the "Filth" created (9m toss!).

To be fair, modify the challenge so the winner is whoever can score a field goal from the greatest distance. If a team like the "Chaos Crew" or the "NERDS" came up with a hydraulic or electrical monster that could hit a field goal at 300m, then so much the better!

-- Arthur Majoor (a_amjoor@hotmail.com), December 29, 2000.

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