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a while back we were talking about lens fungus and what it looked like. i was worried because i saw little black "specs" inside what was my only lens at the time (a 50/1.7 which is now history).

gladly, i never saw fungus on a lens, and despite helpful descriptions from people here, still don't know exactly what to look for.

but today i was on ebay and noticed a picture of a lens with fungus that people here might find useful.

you can go to:

take care...


-- Anonymous, December 20, 2000


fungus among us

Paul, Without a doubt, it's fungus. Etched into the glass by now, it looks. If caught in its early stages, the lens can be salvaged. However, as far gone as this one is, there will be a permanent mark.

Jon from Deepinaharta, Georgia

-- Anonymous, December 20, 2000

eBay fungus

I guess there is a pretty big market for fungus on eBay, huh?

Any particular type that is more collectible than others? Leica fungus, maybe?

Seriously, it's a shame to see this on a lens. It's often pretty easily fixed if caught early. I guess the only recourse once the glass is etched would be to replace those elements effected, assuming that the fugnus isn't on all the elements! May be tough finding the parts, but who knows!


-- Anonymous, December 20, 2000

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