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My first time on your web site.. I would lke to know which is the best system to use? I have friends here in Denver that say Lenz is the only way to go! but I came here and see that digitrax is very popular!? I am still in the early stages of picking a system.. thanks for your help Tom Denver Col

-- Tom Spettel (TomSpettel@webtv.net), December 20, 2000



the advice that is universally given is - try out the various types to see which one you like best - match your budget to your choice - will you be happy with one you like less if it fits your budget - what do your friends use - it is always helpful to be able to consult with someone else, or pool equipment like throttles for operating sessions with friends - what does your club use, maybe you want to use your throttle there, or not have to learn multiple systems - ask about manufacturers support

My personal choice was Digitrax and the support has been great. However, I made my choice a couple of years ago and with the greater variety of equipment today, I might make a different choice today. SystemOne, North Coast, Digitrax and Easy DCC all produce good equipment in the US. Having your manufacturer in North America is probably an advantage to North American users.

One thing I can tell you for sure. Once you start using DCC, you will never want to give it up!


-- Dale Gloer (dgloer@ca.ibm.com), December 20, 2000.

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