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Hi , I am thinking for buying EOS 33 with a canon len. I have two options : 28-105 USM(not the new model) or the 28-135 IS USM (the different in price is about $350) To be frank, I prefer a Canon zoom len with F2.8, but in Canon lenes only the "L" lens have this..I am not prepared to pay for it now. My subjects are mainly people and I take wedding photo. My questions are: which len has better quality in term of sharpness, is the IS useful ? If I could not have F2.8, sharpness would be my most important objective. one more question: should I buy a UV or Sky-light as my basic filter ? Thanks for your time.

-- Kian Peng (, December 19, 2000


28-105 is sharper than 28-135 in terms of optic quality. However, if u are shooting without tripod at low speed, then 28-135 might be a better choice.

-- Wee Keng Hor (, December 20, 2000.

the 28-105 is overall a decent lens however, if you shoot wide at the 28mm focal length be prepared to be disappointed. Wide open at f3.5 you'll see"vignetting", slight amounts of darkness at the corners, even with no filters. At all f-stops at 28mm you will surely notice a bending of the image. Almost looks like a slight fisheye effect at the horizontal edges. Bottom line: don't get this lens if you plan on shooting at 28mm, otherwise it's a pretty sharp lens overall. Hope this helps

-- ErnieRay (, March 16, 2001.

Canon make legendary lenses. The 28-105 is not one of them. With due respect the the prviouse comment it is not near as sharp as the 28- 135 I.S lens which is very sharp. I own two of them and have several friends who own one or more. Get the 28-135 you won't be disappointed. You can see some samples from this lens on my site

-- Chris Fawkes (, December 19, 2002.

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