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HOWDY FOLKS, I am interested in the projection of 4 by 5 chromes and have heard of a Noblex 4 by 5 projector. Does anyone have any experiences with this or know of a used 4 by 5 projector available anywhere. Surely there's got to be a bunch of folks out there in LF land that have had some dealings with projecting this format. Cheers, jeers, coments welcomed! Thanks! miles



Miles, Several months ago I attended a slide presentation by John Fielder and was intersted in the method of his slides, as nearly all of his work is LF. He had copied all of his slides onto 35mm and used a standard projector. They looked very nice regardless.

-- roger rouch (rrouch@msn.com), December 20, 2000.

Miles: I have seen a presentation by a renowned LF photographer, his slides were copied from 4X5 onto 35mm also. Better quality however should be attainable by copying into 6X7 format for which there are some wonderful projectors available. I saw a 6X7 slide presentation at the Photography Society of America (mainly 35mm people), convention in Toronto last year, by Dr. Peter Rembrandt Van Rhyn (yes!)all taken with 6X7 cameras. It was the most impressive slide show I ever saw, both technically and artistically. Dr. Van Rhyn uses German made Goetschmann projectors. They make 2 6X7 types, and one is powerful enough to be used in large theaters. Yo can see them at http://www.goetschmann.de/ Mamiya distributes them -and that means an additional high markup. They are very expensive and high quality. Mamiya also sells a cheaper manual one with the Cabin brand name. B&H used to list a 4X5 projector, also made in Germany but have not looked for it recently.

-- Julio Fernandez (gluemax@ora.auracom.com), December 23, 2000.

I think that this will work. If you get ont of those projectors schools use for displaying lecture material on acetates, and mask off a suitable area, this should provide you with an inelegant, but simple way of projecting your images (as long as you can beg,borrow or steal one anyway). Either that or try to use an LF enlarger horizontally, or get a one of those old horizontal half-plate enalrgers.

-- David (david_j_kirk@hotmail.com), December 23, 2000.

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