What are some resources for old Barbary Coast saloons and finding photos of old addresses?

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I am also a genealogist who has done extensive research of my family history for over seven years.

One branch in particular that I'm curious about right now was that of my great-grandfather Melvin Roy Donham (1882-1960), an Indianan who came to San Francisco shortly after 1903 with his father, Ferdinand "Fred" Lee Donham (1851-1927), after going to the Alaska Gold Rush around 1898.

Family legend says that upon arrival here they ran a saloon/bar in the Barbary Coast. So far, the only evidence I can find that could back that up was the word Waiter in the 1909 San Francisco city directory: "Melvin Donham, driver, residence 1281 O'Farrell. Fred Donham, waiter, residence 1470 California." Melvin listed himself still as a miner in the 1910 Census, while Ferdinand appears to have been hiding from the census-taker.

Can anyone suggest any resources I could try to find out about saloons during this time period? Are there also any photographic resources I can use to find out what these addresses looked like at that time?

Scott Trimble

-- Scott Trimble (stst@stst.net), December 19, 2000

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