Where can one rent or buy the old short films by Broncho Billy Anderson?

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I'm starting work on a huge new section to my website (see the previous posting) about the earliest silent movies in the Bay Area.

http://us.imdb.com/Name?Anderson,+Gilbert+M.+%27Broncho+Billy%27 Broncho Billy Anderson created hundreds of short films around this area in the 1910s, but I have so far only seen one of them, and that was only because it was on a DVD collection for Charlie Chaplin who co-starred in it.

Does anyone know where it would be possible to rent or buy (VHS or DVD) any collections of Broncho Billy's old movies?

Scott Trimble http://www.norcalmovies.com/

-- Scott Trimble (stst@stst.net), December 19, 2000


Have you tried the SAn Francisco Performing Arts Library and Museum?

-- dorothy (leland@dcn.davis.ca.us), December 30, 2000.

There is a man who runs the gift shop (and is a history docent) at the San Rafael Mission. Paul Coddington is a fan of Billy Broncho and might well be able to help you find films. (As you know, the studio was in San Rafael and the films were shot here because of the special quality of sunlight.)

-- Mary Johnson (maryjo007@earthlink.net), May 20, 2001.

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