.dat won't play with dos-compatible cdrom

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My cd-rom is connected via scsi my soundcard. You can only use the soundcard cd-rom drivers which force ms-dos compatibilty mode in Win95. My system plays mpeg's fine with an mpeg card but it gets frozen when I try to play VCD's. I've tried just opening the *.dat file in my software and after the CD-ROM sputters a bit you can hear the VCD's skipping sound but no picture. My mpeg card is suppose to have DOS software to but it also gets frozen and doesn't even start to sputter sound. My CD-ROM setup is funky...its a good Plextor but I'm bottleneck'in through my soundcard. I recall whenever I reformat my HD and reinstall all my software I have to tinker with the CD stuff so I can go deaper then 4 or 5 CD directories before it acts like it doesn't recognize it. My CD-ROM manual says it's Video CD 2.0 compatible..ofcourse my soundcard mentions nothing about VCD. So is there something I can do? Is it my CD-ROM drivers? Is it my soundcard? Do I need a checkmark somewhere? Do I need to say the magic word? HELP!!..........also I should mention my CDROM doesn't display audio CD's *.CDA files in Explorer...but plays them fine is most CD software. Is this due to MSDOS compatibility? Please someone, I'm at my wits end?

-- jeremy (jeremy@nandomail.com), December 19, 2000

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