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First of all, this is a very, very cool bulletin board! Thank you to Wolfgang Schubert for telling me about it. :-)

I believe I'll become a regular here, so I'll give a brief introduction. I'm a sixth-generation San Franciscan, though I mostly grew up in San Rafael. I was graduated from U.C. Berkeley in 1999 and I now live in the Sunset District. I work as a Location Scout for Hollywood feature films -- currently, I'm on "High Crimes" which has been shooting around the City for a couple of weeks. As a hobby, I run a website called Northern California Movies which shows where local movies were filmed. The site now has close to 900 titles, about 300 of which filmed in San Francisco. I have some questions that perhaps some of you can answer....

The Lady From Shanghai (1948) -- What is that place pictured on the sixth line down? -- Were those interiors indeed done at the old Hall of Justice?

Bullitt (1968) -- What are the two locations (architectural office and cafe) on the fifth line down?

Heart and Souls (1993) -- There are several blank spots here I wasn't sure about, mostly some residential neighborhoods and street shots.

A View to a Kill (James Bond, 1985) -- During the firetruck chase, there are some streets I'm still trying to identify.

These are some of the recent locations that have been bugging me. Any help would be greatly appreciated! I invite you all to take a look throught the rest of the site. Please let me know where I can add additional information. You can use the submission page or write an e-mail, and I can credit you on the source pages.

Thank you! Scott Trimble

-- Scott Trimble (, December 19, 2000


Is there a web site that lists upcoming outdoor film locations in the Bay Area? I would like to take my family.

-- Irv Hipschman (, April 11, 2001.

Check out my website, Northern California Movies, for information on filming locations. Be sure to read the disclaimers, linked at the bottom of every movie's webpage, before you go visiting anywhere.

Have fun! Scott Trimble

-- Scott Trimble (, April 17, 2001.

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