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do i need a dvd recorder to record in vcd format or any certian programs i have purchased a dvd player that will play dvd/video cd/music cds and am wondering if it is posible to download and record films as i have found various sites to do so hopfully heare from you soon.

Thanks Dean

-- Dean Owers (, December 19, 2000


Does your new DVD player play CDR or CDRW?
That should be your first question. AS ALOT OF THEM DON'T!
Go to or to see if it can read cdr or cdrw. (ALOT of people assume a cd is a cd is a cd. NOPE!)
Cross your fingers that your new player is up to par!

-- Billy boy boy boy (, December 19, 2000.

What do you mean a DVD recorder? Are you talking about the $5000+ units that record on DVD-R discs? If so the answer is no. Get a regular CD-R/CD-RW burner (buy a SCSI one if you can).

As the last guy said, make sure that your DVD player supports CD-R/CD- RW media before you do anything else (actually, you should have done that before you got the DVD player)

-- Victor DeLarose (, December 21, 2000.

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