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Highlights of the December 13, 2000 Council of Bishops meeting are provided on the AME Today homepage. Thanks should be extended to Revs. Fisher and Darby, Lanxton and P.E. Ogden for making some of the salient issues discussed available to this BB. While greatly encouraged by some of the issues discussed, I am still perplexed by the conspicuouis absence of topics like reversing stagnant church growth, encouraging thrift and financial responsibility, fortifying our AME supported colleges, deployment of technology in our churches and addressing the concerns about indigenous African leadership. I would argue that the above issues clearly define our identity and warrant inspired discussion by our leaders. Righteous indignation about this year's Presidential election while important ought not supplant the more fundamental concerns which ultimately determines the future direction for this Zion. The great Mississipian civil rights leader and one of my favorite heroines, Fannie Lou Hamer, was once quoted as being "Sick and Tired of being Sick and Tired". Like Hamer, I too desire an end to the many travails which prevent black folks from reaching our creative potential. A clearly defined purpose for our Zion will go a long way towards that goal. QED

-- Anonymous, December 19, 2000


AMEN! Pastor Paris

-- Anonymous, December 19, 2000

Pastor Paris is too modest to mention that he chairs the Tenth District Information Technology (IT) committee. I think one of the things we will be addressing in this quadrennium is the move toward information access, tools, and connectivity for the 10th.

Your comment on church growth is an important one. I hope to find out more about our plans for the quadrennium at the Connectional Conference in New Orleans January 3 to 5 (just two weeks away!) For regulars to this board, Mississippi Presiding Elder and Episcopal Candidate Rev. George Tyler will be one of the preachers, as will the newly appointed pastor of the Mother Church of Texas, Rev. Brenda Payne.

Meanwhile, each of us can "light a candle" within our local churches by encouraging solutions to these issues. At the lowest level each church should be able to show "to the penny" fiscal responsibility. If we have our data in place, it's easier to ask for clarification above us. Each of us should have programs that meet the local need of evangelism, tailored to our specific communities and congregations. And while repairing the collegiate system may be a challenge, we can nevertheless repair the broken educations of those who worship with us through tutoring programs, one-on-one contact, engagement of youth groups in trips that stimulate the mind, increased caring and nurturing, etc.

As usual, I find myself in agreement with Bro. Bill.

-- Anonymous, December 19, 2000

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