Who wants an animated movie?

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The issue of animated v live action has been hotly debated. I have created a message board at my site for anyone that feels strongly about the former (rather than the later), click on the resilient Nader to post something

-- William (stateofflux@yahoo.com), December 18, 2000


What I mean to say is Animated.

-- Barb e. (Suesuesbeo@aol.com), December 19, 2000.

where find movie to donwload aeon flux???.. it s my favorite cartoon! (please i am french, if you know this movies in french or sustat french take me the adresse thank you..) So if you like manga this site it s exellent www.anime2k.fr.st

-- johannes tricot (johannes2@spray.fr), March 07, 2001.

If it's Aeon Flux downloads you're looking for, check out this page:


Great site, BTW.

-- Paul (nadisrec@worldnet.att.net), March 08, 2001.

It always make me smile to see that the new part of the episode downloadable at MTV is going to be arriving on Wednesday (but which Wednesday is the mystery)

-- William (stateofflux@yahoo.com), March 08, 2001.

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