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How do I create a VCD to ship to relatives/ Friends from my digital Cam Corder?

Is it possible for them to play from the DVD player or just from a computer?


-- K Fiscarelli (, December 18, 2000


Hello. I have just bought a Pioneer DVD 535 player, and it works fine when playing 'home maid' CD's, VCD.

To 'download' video from your camcorder, you must have a pc program that captures video. I have Pinnacle's Mirrostudi DC10+, and it can produce .avi files. These .avi files i take into a mpeg1/VCD encoding program, and the .mpg file from avi2vcd program can then be 'burnt' to a video cd. I have a Sony cd bruner. The program avi2cvd you can find on, and its a freeware. Good luck. rt

-- Runar Thoresen (, December 20, 2000.

Ok, there are more than a few possibilities, however one that I use works quite well. First of all, are you using a Mac or a PC? If you are using a Mac, then you would either have or can download iMovie 2.1 to use. Then you would need to get a ieee (firewire) cable to connect your digital DV cam to the Mac. From there, iMovie will act as the transport to import the "clips" of your video to the program. Once you have edited the clips and created your sequence of video, you would need to export to Quicktime video (.mov) files. Then you will need a program to convert that QT file to an MPEG-1 file such as Astarte (which no longer exists, so you'd have to find one online). There are other programs you can check to do the conversion as well. Once you have the MPEG file, you can then use Toast to burn the CD and voila!

If you have a PC, the process is quite the same, although you probably can convert from a .avi file directly to MPEG - but I'm not sure. Again it's software based so check out the PC software that will (a) allow you to import the video via USB/Firewire, and then another for conversion.

-- Eric (, December 21, 2000.

Try the Terapin unit. Pls refer to for more info.

-- Cuda (, December 26, 2000.

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