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Would you share your experiences in film freezing? What is the best temperature for good film conservation? Having a freezer for films only, is it required to have the same low temperatures as for food? Have you noticed any loss in film quality and how long have you kept them? Very specifically, is it possible to freeze Fuji Instant and Polaroid? Do all films keep as well as Velvia, my only experience? Thanks!

-- Paul Schilliger (, December 18, 2000



I use a regular food freezer for film and it works well. While I can't speak to the Fuji film, don't freeze Polaroid. If the chemical packet freezes it may burst and/or the chemicals may not recover for proper processing. I regularly refrigerate (~40 F) Polaroid film without problems; just remember to let the film warm to room temps before processing.


-- Pete Caluori (, December 18, 2000.

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