Who thinks they should put The A-Team up against MacGyver?

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I just think it would be the ultimate junkyard war.

-- Chris Mesigian (toph314@hotmail.com), December 18, 2000


Mac Gyver could take on the A - Team and win !!! Using nothing more than a broken ball point pen.

He can cross a raging river with only the vinyl package that his rain ponch came in and a rubber band. AND never even get his feet wet!

He can rappel off a 300 foot high cliff,while carrying a camping partner that has passed out from the snake bite, in the snow, after the plane crash, using only his shoe laces and a strip of beef jerky.

All the A - Team can do is stand in a circle and say things like " I love it when a plan comes together" or "Pity the Fool".

BUT the combination of the two might make for an interesting show none the less....... :o)

-- soda boy (me@here.com), December 18, 2000.

Does anyone remember the 30 second MacGuyver commercials that used to run on the U.S.A. network...I have a few on tape, but however many of them exist, they should all be shown again. They pretty much boiled down the problem and the creative MacGuyver solution, using sped up footage and a description of each major step...and ended with MacGuyver's boss or someone saying "MacGuyver...!!" in a really incredulous voice. Real works of art.


-- John Ebert (jebert3@mediaone.net), December 27, 2000.

AND DUCT TAPE! In one episode, he whittled an airplane out of bamboo, trash bags, and the motor off a cement mixer. All held together with a roll of duct tape he had hidden in his pants!

Puting MacGyver in a junkyard would give him a supreme advantage over anyone else - he'd have REAL PARTS to deal with!

-- David Allen (davida@airmail.net), December 29, 2000.

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