Zeiss 4.5/135 Tessar?

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I have just bought such a lense but know little about it other than it was apparently discontinued a couple of years ago and, according to the shop selling it, it is excellent.

Could anyone confirm this, please?

I intend to use this lense indoors in available light at wide aperture if not fully open. How does it perform then?

Thank you for your help.

-- Thierry J. ROY (tjroy@totalise.co.uk), December 17, 2000


Hi Thierry, information about this lens can be found at these links:



note that the second link is often slow or it returns an error that there is no such site. Be patient and try reload - then it usually comes up. I hope you find these useful.


-- Ronald L. Marvin (mmarvin1@san.rr.com), December 18, 2000.

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