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I think I found my next peice of hardware, pretty awesume specs what do you think?

-- teeball (, December 17, 2000


Whoa there!

First, I'd suggest doing a bit of research on the CDDVD video format.

It only holds about 20 minutes of DVD quality video. Only ONE DVD player sold in the States can play these discs (that I'm aware of). It's made by Sampo.

The disc will only play on a PC if that PC has a software or hardware DVD player installed.

If you have a CD burner already, you can do the same thing with the Dazzle DVC II for $249 (comes with DVD authoring software.).

-- leebo (, December 17, 2000.

Thats interesting, the site suggest the DVD-CDs will play on next generation DVD players. How did you come across the player you mentioned to play these? Don't you need a soft ware DVD player to play SVCDs? Reserch I will! Also I'm courious about HQ VCD. Don't you think digital input would be nice? I'm not looking to copy DVD movies, rather to archive digital tapes from DV camcorder e g home movies.

-- teeball (, December 17, 2000.

I wouldn't buy that thing. First of all, those kinds of units offer absolutely no flexibility. The cost of that kind of unit is very prohibitive (if it's anything like the last VDR recorder, then stay clear of it unless u got an extra $1k laying around).

For the price of that kind of unit, you could (as the guy above me stated) get a computer setup with Dazzle DVC II which would give you so much more freedom and features.

Quite honestly, those units are for the truly lazy type people who want to cut all corners of PC video production and get it in a unit that does all the work for them. Us professionals however who know how to do it right will stick to our PC setups.

-- Victor DeLarose (, December 18, 2000.

I dont think these units are for LAZY people like whats his name said. They are for people who want to have a quick solution. I make SVCD and Mini-DVD on my PC as well but it sure would help me be more productive in my small video production business if I could crank out an SVCD real time from a DV tape without having to have all the encoding time that a PC takes up wouldnt it?? It just seems like it would help you be more effecient if you had one of these. I would rather have my open so I can start other editing projects than muck it up with encoding time! Just a thought.

-- Mystery Meat (, July 04, 2001.

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