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I have just purchased, but not yet received, a Soligor 1.5X TC off eBay.

It would be very interesting to hear other peoples' opinions of the various TCs.

I've recently tried several & am not sure I'll use them much because of the lower image quality along with 2 or 3 stop light loss. But I only have experience with 2X and 3X. Currently: Hexanon 2X, Vivitar "7 element" 2X, Vivitar "7" 3X and Soligor 3X. IMHO, of the ones I've used, the Hexanon is by far the best made and produces the best results.

Also, does anyone know of other 1.4X or 1.5X TCs out there in K/AR mount? There's the Soligor I bought. I believe Kiron made one, afaik Konica never did.

Yes, Tamron makes a 1.4 which will take a K/AR mount on the male end, but I believe it only matches up with their Adaptall-2 lenses on the female end. Plus, I've seen & heard folks using it compare to some Nikon, Olympus, Canon etc. (all of whom did & do make 1.4 or 1.5X) that the OEM TCs are significantly better.

Thanks in advance!

Alan Myers San Jose, Calif.

-- Anonymous, December 17, 2000

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