Has anyone tried the Anabolic Burst Cycling program?

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Hey guys, I am planning on starting a weightlifting routine shortly and I was wondering if anyone has tried the ABCDE or Anabolic Burst Cycling program that is on the MUSCLEMEDIA home page under TRAINING. Looked interesting and I wondered if it was legit or not. THANKS!!!!

-- Jeffrey Mize (Widomkr1@aol.com), December 17, 2000


yeh, the diet works well but keeping the fat off in the second phase is easier said than done. Also i didnt notice much difference in mass but i did see a big increase in strength, worth a try?

-- (adamasleep@hisbed.fsnet.co.uk), January 07, 2001.

Cool, thanks for the response. Any more information you'd like to share about your experience on that particular diet would be of great interest to me. I haven't lifted for about a year and was going to hit the gym again here soon and had planned on doing a more normal six wholesome meal a day, three day a week lift schedule with aerobic workouts on my off days until I read the article about the ABC program and got interested. How long did you stay on it? Were you very consistent with following the diet? Like I said, any more info would be appreciated. Thanks!

-- Jeffrey Mize (widomkr1@aol.com), January 08, 2001.

hello there! My nanme is Ray. I was just surfing and found that u too want to start the abcde, I was wondering if u had any more response to your question and how u was getting on with it ( if u've already started!). I read about abcde about a year ago and implemented phase 1 the bulikng phase and i found that it helped me put on muscle mass, but didn't try the diet phase. I plan to start soon, once I've got the diet phase figured out...please keep in contact with me to let me know how u get on and if u find out any info please can u pass it on to me....i will b very grateful and i will do the same....thanks Ray

-- Ray (rayt@ray188.freeserve.co.uk), January 30, 2001.

This program seriously works. I have gained mass like crazy on this program. I took glutamine, creatine, and andro poppers during bulking and xenadrine during cutting. I have never had such crazy pumps. I have been doing this for a month and have gained 20 pounds.I am much softer and smoother but love weighing 220 pounds. finally I have 18 inch arms. Before this diet I followed the anabolic diet/bodyopus. Let me know if you have any tricks to make this diet work better. I also want to hear other peoples expirences with this diet.

-- lorenzo mecham (oolarenzo@hotmail.com), February 08, 2001.

I am going to buy those andro poppers today, and I am going to use it with creatine. I have a friend that has been using creatine for quite a while now and wasn't seeing great progress, but recently he started taking it with andro poppers and some weight loss pills, and now he is getting a lot stronger, and he is getting way more definition than he has ever had before. Although he says that he is pretty ornery or pissed off during the day. Although he has seen results after using both of these supplements together, I still think that it is his healthy diet that has played a big role on his success. Who knows? At any rate, I'm gonna buy them in a few hours, and hopefully I'l be ripped in a couple of months.

-- sterling gabbitas (sterlingrex@latinmail.com), April 03, 2001.

I am 17 and I have done a cycle of the ABCDE and I have put on more mass in one cycle and have seen more improvement then I have in just lifting weights for a year. I really feel it during the bulk phase but i never see good result during the cut phase. If anyone knows a good way to eat correctly or any supplements let me know.

-- David Michael Bresnahan (SawB45@Hotmail.com), April 10, 2001.

I noticed a big improvement. I've been lifting for years and had the hardest time gaining weight. When I was introduced to this program I thought, "yeah right". But the mass gains were incredible! The key is employing the methodology in its entirety. If you just go heavy and don't cycle to the light weeks (including aerobics) you'll never see the gains. Check out http://www.vitamindiscountclub.com/Default.asp?p=abcde.htm for a nice overview and listing of supplements to use with the program.

Hope this helps.

-- Dave Nespole (eslintl@hotmail.com), August 21, 2001.

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