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Can anyone point me to a good source for "how to" closeup lighting? I'm always dissapointed in my close up lighting whether natural, flash, or photoflood. My lighting experience has been in portraiture and perhaps thats a liability eh?

By source I mean books, web sites, etc.

-- Bill Brady (, December 16, 2000


The rule of thumb , atleast as I have discovered through my own studio experience is, the closer in you go with the camera, the smaller your light sources have to be in order to have control over the lighting. There are flash companies out there that offer specialized lighting for close up situations. We have, in our studio, an older system from Hensel, comprised of power packs and light sources that are the size of a quarter, and they run through fiber optics. This is great for jewelery and other small objects where the lighting must be critically placed, and where the subject is not just "lit", but where a mood too must be created. Try looking for (it may be under, I'm not sure).

-- William Levitt (, December 17, 2000.

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