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I have just bought a Mpeg card with TV out. It plays some mpeg files great...such as a short clip from "Terminator". But some others play crappy or not at all. I'm sure it has something to do with the compression methods but If I play them on another player that doesn't use the MPEG card it plays fine.....but just slower. I'm wanting to purchase some VCD's but I'm curious if the MPEG card that I purchased is capable. It is manufactured by and I've updated all the drivers. Anyone else have...or heard of a BTC Mpeg card?

-- jeremy (, December 16, 2000


Hi, I found your note on BTC1670 Mpeg card with TV out on some news forms. Please ignore this mail if you find this unwanted. You mentioned that you have this card working. I can't get this card working in any case. I am running piii/win 95 / media player 6.4. If I use the old media player with btc driver software, I can see garbage on the pc and tv screen. Could you please let me know how you got this card to work ? Thanks.

-- Bogus (, February 20, 2001.

Hi, Well this "BTC" card can ONLY be operated with Windows OLD Media player. When you installed the MPEG card it should have put a shortcut to this older Media player in your start menu. Incase you can't find it, the name of the file is C:\WINDOWS\MPLAYER.EXE Once this Media player is open you should have these menu selections: File, Edit, Device, Scale, and Help. If you click on "Device" you should have several selections of Devices, Your MPEG card is 2 of these: Video-CD/CDI and MPEG file player. Open a good MPEG file with this Media player, before you hit "Play", click on "Device" again and you should see another menu selection called "Properties". If you click on "Properties" you can alter you MPEG card. You can ONLY play on ONE output at a time. That means if you choose VGA, you can't view on a TV. And Vise/versa, If your viewing on the TV you CAN'T view on your monitor. One more thing I should mention is that this card can only play a certain type of MPEG file, if one file seems jumpy or scrambled try another file. 2 files that I got to work OK are here It also plays VCDs very nicely but it seems to trim off a little on the bottom or sides of the picture. If I play the file on VGA/montitor it shifts my screen a little to the left and the sound is not quite syncronized. I hope this helps, write back and tell me your results.

-- Jeremy (, February 20, 2001.

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