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Does anyone know where to get a black microfiber washable travel blazer. Most of the outlets (Travelsmith, Magellan's, Land's End,etc.) only carry navy or tan blazers, but no black ones. Many also are not hand washable but must be dry cleaned.



-- Jason Bloome (, December 15, 2000


Hi Andrew and Jason;

For some reason, many of these manufacturers apparently think men don't like wearing black blazers. My suggestion to you is to contact these companies to provide your feedback to them. Having had some experience talking with them, I do know that they are always looking for feedback and ideas for improvement. Good luck!

-- Lani Teshima (, February 05, 2001.


I have been looking for one too, I found one on the LL Bean website. I haven't seen one to give you an opinion unfortunately.

Good Luck

-- Andrew Wainwright (, February 05, 2001.

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