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Haven't seen any flight challenges. So here's one Build a flying machine that can carry 150 pounds - the longest flight wins.

-- Todd Sheeler (tarchanjan@hotmail.com), December 15, 2000


The 99 season featured a maximum-air-time challenge. One team built a canard-design airplane with wings taken from a junked light aircraft. The other built a hang glider. They got a tow start (as much as 40 mph), but neither was very successful. I think the winner had an airtime of about 6 seconds.

-- Derek Jensen (djensen@kconline.com), December 15, 2000.

...also, the bomb drop was a flight challenge, though not with humans attached.

-- R. Rickard (rsrickard@beer.com), December 27, 2000.

I think if they try to build another airplane except this time using a vamous aviator for both teams the task would be conquered much easier. Remember in the 99 season it was only how long, although this time it could be with a 140lb. pay load.

-- Austin Bowman (austinbowman@home.com), December 27, 2000.

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