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Hi Gang,

Can anyone recomend a reducing back for use on a Horseman 45FA to use to mount Horseman 6x9" roll film backs. I am presently using the rotary back but would like to switch to a simple reducing adapter in an effort to lighten up the old backpack. Any help is greatly appreciated.



-- Mark Malnes (, December 15, 2000


Mark, Horseman make a 4x5 to 6x9 reducing back for their view cameras so I'm not sure if it fits the FA. The part number is 27531. May be worth checking with your Horseman supplier. Good luck,

-- Trevor Crone (, December 15, 2000.

If you mean using the smaller VHR/985 series rollfilm backs on the 45FA, contact Jim Galvin (see ViewCamera magazine). He makes an adaptor that mounts into a standard 4x5 graflock back that allows using the smaller 2x3" rollfilm holders. There is also no need to remove the groundglass panel, as the back can slide under and is held in place by the spring. Or, find a graflock back adaptor from the Graflex XLRF camera and mount it a wood or metal plate the size of a 4x5 filmholder and the correct thickness for the graflok sliders. Then all the accessories for the 2x3 Horseman will work on the 45FA. Regards,Vishal

-- Vishal Mathur (, December 15, 2000.

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