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Greetings, I am in the process of trying to compile all my digital photos plus audio. Understand that it got to be on VCD Extended format. Using WinOnCD 3.7PE, I am confused by the usage. Would be appreciate it if someone could shed some lights on this. Would like to know the step-by-step procedure. Nothing much is mentioned on the help file.



-- Jeffrey Woo (, December 14, 2000


I have been making slide show with pictures using mpeg2 and making a SVCD that will play in a DVD player. The look real good. I play them on a Apex DVD player hook to a 45 inch TV. I use Visual Studio to make the movie. Then Dvmpeg and I Author to make a Svcd image file that Easy CD Creator will burn. I have each picture play for 15 seconds. If you need help getting DVmpeg and I Author let me know.

-- Mike Bishop (, December 19, 2000.

Using WinOnCD:

01. select new project

02. select video tab

03. select photo album

04. push OK button

05. select in the lower window editor

06. select settings

07. give a name to the project which will appear on top of the main menu

08. select images to visible screen size

09. select play time 5 or 10 seconds, infinite requires you to push the next button when showing the slides on TV

10. select video mode pal or ntsc

11. select a main menu background

12. push OK

13. select in the lower window new album

14. select properties

15. give a name to the first group of pictures in the album

16. in the upper window select the folder and the picture files you want on the VCD using shift and/or control keys

17. drag the selected files into the lower window

18. repeat steps 16. and 17.

19. make a more new albums, if required, by repeating steps 13. - 18.

20. when done select disc in the lower window

21. select close cd

22. select the speed your burner and CD-RW allow

23. select disc/session at once

24. push record button

25. from here on you should have no p-roblem anymore.

Friendly greetings, Eppo R. Kooi.

-- Eppo R. Kooi (E.R.Kooi@XS4all.NL), December 24, 2000.

Burning a movie that comprises images or photos is not the best approach, because it delivers poor pictures. Using Nero 5 you can burn Jpeg images or photos in the VCD format (or SVCD but I dont see a difference): just drag the JPEG images of any size or resolution from the right to the left panel. Nero will make automatically the other files. The clarity of the images on my DVD is much much better. Moreover, you can use the remote of your DVD to control the pace of image display. Work better on CDR, results were poor with CDRW. (no multisession). My DVD playuer is the Pionner DV-434 and I gave a Hitachi 53 inches projecion TV.

-- Richard Lefrançois (, March 19, 2001.

Quote: "Using Nero 5 you can burn Jpeg images or photos in the VCD format (or SVCD but I dont see a difference)." Nero says

-- Eppo R. Kooi (E.R.Kooi@XS4all.NL), March 19, 2001.

Quote: "Using Nero 5 you can burn Jpeg images or photos in the VCD format (or SVCD but I dont see a difference)." Nero tells us that stills will be recorded in high quality in VCD too when the source size is large enough, e.g. at least 704px * 576px (PAL). It therefor does not make much sense to burn in SVCD-format. The size of the .dat-files remains 345 KB regardless of the normal or high quality output. This puzzles me a bit though.

Friendly greetings, Eppo R. Kooi.

-- Eppo R. Kooi (E.R.Kooi@XS4all.NL), March 19, 2001.

How could you create photo VCD albums if Nero original FAQ said that this is impossible? (see the end of message) Anyway if you know how to do it, I would like to know more about it. Please reply on I was triing to do it but fail. I am using Win On CD usually with out any problem. But this time I face it. For example Win On CD has a restriction not more than 9 albums per disk and other small, but very sad restrictions. It is very difficult to create something more complecated that an VCD with 3 or 4 albums therefore I am looking for other software to do it. Link: <> < Reason: The Photo CD format is a standard defined by the Eastman Kodak Company to save and read picture files. The format has been kept quite simple and could be created quite easily. The licence fees that would have to be paid so that Nero can create CDs of this kind would significantly increase the price of Nero . This is why the creation of CDs of this kind is not supported.>>

-- Denis (, January 08, 2004.

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