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Hi, I am kinda new with this stuff. I would like to make my own VCD from VCR or maybe DVD. Can anybody suggest what hardware (video edit/capture card) should I use? Thank you very much.. cheers

-- Cion (, December 14, 2000


I use adobe Premiere 5.5 to capture then xing mpeg encoder to convert the avi file to mpeg.

Then nero 5013 to burn a video CD. this makes them vcd2.0 compliant and works well.

The only drawback is that if you capture at a high res like 360 x 288 you will need to do it in ten minute segments.

I have found this works well though.

I have tried to capture at a lower res and then can capture 30 mins at a time and it is watchable on the player but is a little blurry.

My DVD player is a CONIA M120.

-- Colin (, December 16, 2000.


-- dfhdtjr (aaa@aa.a), May 25, 2001.

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