Why Edgar Allen Poe was afraid of death?

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Why Edgar Allen Poe was afraid of death?

-- Anonymous, December 14, 2000



It is rather amusing that this particular question is repeated so often. Even more amusing is that this perception of Poe is so persistent and, I suspect, its origins are as amusing as its longetvity. Although this is a reasonable question, its answer is subjective at best, and a "best guess" at worst.

To presume from reading his stories that Edgar Allan Poe was possessed of an inordinate fear of death (or corpses)or that any fear he may have had was disproportinate to that of his contemporaries is ridiculous. Death was certainly no stranger to the people of the early 19th century. Those that survived past the age of 50 were fortunate and to survive the frequent plagues, epidemics and other diseases such as tuberculosis (consumption) for which there was no cure was especially fortuitious. Rest assured that your ancestors were quite familiar with death.

As for his stories of death, they were merely that, tales... fiction, fantasy. No more, no less. Any truth perceived that Poe feared death simply from reading his works is presumptive in the extreme and requires a jump in logic of extraordinary agility. Given his considerable difficulties he is said to have suffered throughout his life, I would argue that he may, at times, have longed for death. But hey!... thats just my opinion. : )

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-- Anonymous, December 14, 2000

Damn who ever killed that man. :-(

-- Anonymous, May 16, 2001

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