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Thank you for kindly answer. But Ifd like to know more your idea about VideoCD and MPEG-1 system.

Background is c Currently I have unstable stream problem using VideoCD format from VOD system. I know this VOD is not supported VideoCD format. But Ifd like to know what is mis-understood by VOD. So this problem is not MPEG video/audio codec, but MPEG System stream I think. So Ifd like to know what is different from VideoCD and MPEG-1 System stream. The both are created by HW encoder(Optibase).

So please tell me possibility of the VODfs mis-understanding.

Thank you and regards, Takashi Kaneko

-- Takashi Kaneko (, December 14, 2000


please tell me mpeg file format and vcd .dat file format , and the diffrence about them. thanks!

-- wlf (, January 01, 2004.

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