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Wednesday, December 13, 2000

Heating bill relief

OTTAWA (CP) -- Hard-pressed Canadians trying to cope with high winter fuel costs can expect their promised one-time rebate some time in February.

Finance Minister Paul Martin announced Wednesday that cheques to help offset high energy prices for lower income families will be mailed out starting Jan. 31.

The announcement follows a Liberal government commitment in its October mini-budget to provide some relief from soaring home heating costs.

Designed to help low- and modest-income families, the rebate will be available only to those who already qualify for a GST rebate.

That means a single person earning more than $32,000 annually won't get it. Nor will dual-income families of four whose annual income tops $45,000.

Under the plan, low- and modest-income married or common-law couples as well as single-parent families will receive $250. Individuals with no children will get $125.

-- Rachel Gibson (, December 14, 2000

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