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I am likely to get a view camera, for studio tabletop (DoF control) and architectural interiors (perspective control), and will use this with RF backs - quality is more than sufficient, and I'm experienced with RF on various marques. I am concerned about the prospect of an inverted image, though, and not certain I could get used to it. How useful are reflex finders for view cameras? All manuf's seem to offer them, including the Horseman, Toyo and Arca I'll probably choose from (my ideal is the Arca 6x9 Monolith) but have users found the benefits outweigh the darker image and the cumbersome handling? Opinions greatly welcomed.

-- Anthony Harrison (, December 14, 2000


Anthony: If you get a 69 Arca (a 69F-metric is nice also) the binocular viewer is exquisite.... bright, light weight, sharp. It is my favorite part of the camera and a major reason I invested in Arca equipment. Their 4x5 viewer is equally nice, although obviously larger, but not much heavier. Horseman and Toyo viewers are also reasonably bright, but are much larger, heavier and more cumbersome.

-- Glenn C. Kroeger (, December 14, 2000.

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