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hi there,

i just happened to get oracle up and running on my system. mine is a red hat linux 6.2 on a piii - 450 with 256mb ram. i planned to place the whole of the database in separate hard disk. so i've put a 1 gb hard disk. now the point is, what file system in the new 1 gb hard disk will help in boosting up the performance of the oracle server. like is it freebsd or aix or any other thing. what are the implications in selecting a particular file system to store the database.

thanks in advance & regards, ptbabu.

-- thanga babu (thanga_babu@yahoo.com), December 14, 2000


I think that question is somewhat beyond me, perhaps you should try the resoursces at: http://dmoz.org/Computers/Software/Databases/Oracle/ or try the discussion forums at: http://www.arsdigita.com/bboard/q-and-a?topic_id=21&topic=web%2fdb or: http://www.arsdigita.com/bboard/q-and-a?topic_id=295&topic=Oracle%20administration

-- Michael Bluett (michaelbluett@despammed.com), December 14, 2000.

For those who want to follow this, the thread moved to here:


-- Michael Bluett (michaelbluett@despammed.com), December 15, 2000.

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