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I use WinOnCD 3.7 Power Edition to make VCD from mpg files. after drag mpg file i got an error msg like this "file1.mpg has an invalid muxer rate (4141) and is not suitable for video CD" how to solve the problem ? Please Help. Thanks jacky.

-- Jacky Santjaka (, December 14, 2000


The program you need is TMPGEnc you can get it at run program choose file click mpeg tools click basic multiplex type should be mpeg1 video cd choose video input choose audio input choose start the program seems to do nothing,but i assure you it is working as long as the hard drive light is on its takes about 10 mins. when finished burn as you would in winoncd as video cd if you need any more info email me

-- steve parker (, February 19, 2001.

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