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i despeately need to know everylittle detail about the symbolism in the masque of the read death.

-- Anonymous, December 13, 2000


Edgar Poe lost many of his loved ones from tuberculosis. A airborne *desiese that causes a peson to cough and burst the veins in the throat causing you to bleed to death by caughing. Maybe you could help me too, l'm doing a project about Poe and l need to find movie clips from him or some of his work. If you know any websites that have that info can you send me the link.


-- Anonymous, December 14, 2000

This short story includes 7 rooms--each of a different color. Can you think of sets of things that come in 7? like days of the week....the 7 this case, a good suggestion would be the 7 stages of life. Each room stands for a different stage of life. The rooms in the book are listed in an order by color--which proves very important in this similarization. for example, the green room is the teen stage, it stands for envy. Each color coralates with the stage of life. As the people go through all the rooms one by one (after each tick or the clock), they are passing through life. When they finally reach the black room, they reach death.

-- Anonymous, January 16, 2001


-- Anonymous, May 06, 2001

You can find references to the number seven. His name "prospero" is key contradictory. He dies. Hawthorne and Poe, romantics, used black to symbolize death and the devil. the gates of iron symbolize restriction and lack of escape. the colour red in the window panes foreshadows the death preceeding to occur. The flame on tripod of fire can symbolize a reference to the devil. ebony is rich and cna refer to the Duke's spendings. the masque can represent deceit that the devil sometimes puts on. the figure represents death itself with "habiliments of the grave" when Prince Prospero stands in the blue room it can be interpreted as serene. Blue = serenity. the space between the rooms is the division between peace and death/chaos.

-- Anonymous, December 03, 2002

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