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While I'm deciding what 3 lens I'll end up with or acquire, I thought I'd pass on what I have picked up on Ebay the last couple of weeks. First lens I got was a new 135 hexanon 3.5 for $40. This was my favorite lens back when I bought my first 35mm, a TC. This one I'll keep, it's razor sharp and the color is great. Came with case and caps. A guy contacted me via Ebay with a 200mm hexar F4 he wanted $45 for. He sent it to me on approval. It was used once in 1987 and then packed away. It came with the original box, case, registration card and other paperwork. It's in new condition. There was a tiny bit of play, and I asked the guy about it, he didn't know anything about the lens it was his late fathers, and if I'd give him $10 for it, it was mine. SOLD! I don't know if I'll hang on to it, it's big and heavy, but very clean. I got a Sigma 30-70 that was included with a FT-1 and a case for $61. The FT-1 was mint but didn't work. Gene Windell thinks it was the battery case, and after fooling with it I got some response from the camera. The body was so damn nice, I decided to send it off to konica. I love the sigma lens, it's a bit dirty, the more I try to clean it (Yep I'm German) the more I wear off stuff. But I think I'll look for a newer lens in a sigma or konica and stick with the 35-70. I just got a sigma 70-210 in today, very nice shape but there's oil all over the inside. Paid $24 for it, and it's going back. But I love that type of lens, nice zoom but not huge like the konica 200mm. I got a 50mm 1.7 hexanon for $9 almost new, and the 40mm that came with my mint + FP-1. The 40mm is new, and very stiff. I like the results from it, I just don't like using it. It does turn my FP-1 into a point and shooter however. Just thought you might find this stuff interesting. Thanks for the comments about picking 3 lenses, really gave me some ideas on what I'll get!

-- Anonymous, December 13, 2000

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