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I've pretty much got the hang of making VCDs by now. When I create my own MPEG-1 streams I take care to always encode them VCD-conform, as least concerning pixel height/width and frame rate. The usual programs (WinOnCD/Nero) accept such streams without a hitch and maybe a warning. Playback not guaranteed if the frame rate isn't correct, I know, but the DVD players I've encountered so far seem to be pretty permissive.

But sometimes I get MPEG streams from elsewhere that are definitely not in VCD format, which I don't want to re-encode either and lose quality. So I wondered whether there's a way to archive them in XA Form 2 on CDs, like the VCD DAT streams, and thus be able to fit more on a CD. THOSE would need to be playable only on computers, and the extra space would just allow me not to hack the streams to pieces.

So are there any affordable CD-burning programs out that let you burn error tolerant data like MPEG streams in Form 2?

Thanks for any help! Sorry if this is a little off-topic.

-- Ulrich Schreglmann (, December 12, 2000

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