What does Santa, Inc. need to do to become more attractive to VC firms?

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What does Santa, Inc. need to do to become more attractive to VC firms?

-- Santa Claus (santa@katalyst.com), December 12, 2000


Santa would likely need to address potential litigation from the following sources: -- Sierra Club (Christmastree slaughter) -- PETA (Inhumane treatment of reindeer) -- OSHA (Deep snow at North Pole poses hazards to tiny elf workers) -- State of Florida (parents asked to vote either "naughty" or "nice" were confused by ballots featuring their own children resulting in a recount that has delayed toy delivery until mid-January).

-- Lou Carmellini (loucar@yahoo.com), December 12, 2000.

Santa needs to find a way to monetize his traffic. I don't doubt that he has built a worlwide community of Children who believe in him. But unless every five year old learns the meaning of disposable income his chances for profitability are about as great an elf playing in the NBA.

-- Corinn Berman (jrocker@mindspring.com), December 13, 2000.

I enjoy "cookies and milk" as much as anyone but this company is not fundable if it can't lower its burn rate.

-- Josh Amoss (jamoss@yahoo.com), December 13, 2000.

Santa needs to address the issue of scalability. What's with all those Mall Santas?

-- Dave Capece (dcapece@yahoo.com), December 14, 2000.

I don't think Santa's attractive to anybody right now. Maybe if he loses some weight he feel better about himself and stop slowing down his distribution.

-- Regan Bremen (rebremen@msn.com), December 14, 2000.

Santa needs 'trim' does his operations and work on his diet before going in front of the VCs.

-- Sandeep Thakrar (sathakrar@usa.net), December 15, 2000.

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