55mm 1.2 FL lens - Extremely tight focus

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I have a 55mm f1.2 Canon FL mount lens. The focusing ring is extrememly, extremely tight making focusing very annoying. Anybody know of a way to loosen it up a bit that I can do myself?

I appreciate any responses,

Stephen R.

-- Stephen Reynolds (deyd@hot1.net), December 12, 2000


Sometimes older lens lubrication gets stiff Steve. The helicoid has metals that are supposed to move smoothly, but like everything else in the world, there is also some grease to help. I would try just working it a lot and see if that does anythihng. My oldie worked better with exercise. You can certainly have the lens disassembled and relubed, but with an older FL mount lens it's a question of is it worth it... Your call. All the best, Rhue, (Still very busy at the cellular level)

-- Rhue Lovelaw (dustbunny@hotmail.com), December 13, 2000.

My 24/1,4 was tight too, the repairman said the lens had impact damage, he fixed it. So you might consider to have it looked at.

-- Řyvind Dahle (odahle@start.no), January 10, 2001.

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