Hey, look what I got!! a 135mm f3.2 lens

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Well, I finially did it, I bought myself one of those Konica Hexanon 135mm f3.2 lenses. I did so because I read from the users here that it is probally one of the best 135mm lenses out there and it has good sharpness and contrast.

I hate to say it, but I bought it off of eBay and I had to snipe to protect my origional bid. It is amazing how much you can get sniped at the end of an auction. At one moment it was $20.01 (I was the high bidder) and then when it was all over I won it for $30.01. I hope $30.01 is an OK price for it, it is the most I have bought a Konica lens for.

Thanks to all the support in this group, it is now my favourite message base thanks to all of you.

Did you know "konica" is one of the most seached keywords in the photography section on eBay... Guess this is good and bad news, would probally explain the rising prices too.


-- Anonymous, December 12, 2000


135mm 3.2 & macro lens

Hi again Mike,

Congrats on the 135mm f3.2, $30 is reasonable. I have two of these & paid about $25 ea. in decent "user" condition. They are great lenses. I've also used the Hexanon 135/2.5 extensively, and I like it a lot in spite of the complaints about flare. Using a separate, larger lens hood seems to prevent any problem for me. The 3.2 may be a little sharper lens. The 2.5 is a really nice portrait lens, IMHO. I've also used the 2.5 on a bellows for macro work.

Speaking of macro, you were also asking about the Vivitar 55mm. The Viv. 55/2.8 is an unusual lens in that it goes all the way to 1:1 without additional extension tubes (like is used on the Hexanon 55mm). I often use one as a "normal" lens.

If you are in the market for your first macro lens, I'd suggest you consider something a little longer, in the 90 to 105 range. These are more comfortable to work with in many macro situations, because you have a few more inches between you and the subject matter.

I currently have macros in 55mm, 90mm & 200mm. Whatever focal lenght you get, try to get the largest max aperture you can, hopefully 2.5 or 2.8. This helps you see to focus. Also, any macro lens has to have a lot of extension, for example, the Viv. 55 triples in length between infinity and 1:1. You get a lot of internal light loss by the time you reach high magnification, probably up to f5.6 or 6 as your largest effective aperture with this lens. ISTR the Hexanon 55 at full extension is about f7.5.

Also when shopping for macro, watch out for "short mount" lenses, like the Hexanon 105... these lenses do not have a built in focusing mechanism, rely on the bellows or a separate helicoid to focus.

I *think* Vivitar also made 90 or 105 and possibly even a 135 that go to full 1:1 w/o ext. tubes. Others I am familiar with that do the same are Kiron's 105 and the later Tamron 90/2.8. The trick with any of these, except the Tamron Adaptall, is to find one in a K/AR mount.

Enjoy your new lens and shopping spree!

Alan Myers

-- Anonymous, December 12, 2000

Thanks for the macro lens tips.

Hi again Alan,

Thanks for your opinions on the 135mm f3.2 Hexanon lens. Seems like I will really enjoy it. :) As far as I know, it was listed as used, but in mint condition, so that is always good to hear for me. I also hear the Vivitar Serier 1 135mm f2.3 is a "cult favourite" lens and I have seen it on eBay in K/AR mount, I think it went for about $170usd, expensive I know, but supposedly worth it.

I have been looking around for a 100mm f3.5 Macro lens for my Nikon, so I feel that 100mm is about as close as I want to get to the subject (in terms of distance away at 1:1). I tried out the Konica Hexanon 55mm f3.5 lens and really didn't like it much, while I am sure it produces outstanding image quality (don't all the Hexanons? haha), I didn't like 2 things: The extension tube idea and how the lens is about f7 at 1:1, might as well get a tube set for my 57mm f1.4 lens. haha.

It is too bad the Sigma 105mm EX 1:1 lens isn't sold in a Konica mount, now there is a new macro 1:1 lens that is awesome, but also costs $250-350 on eBay used.

I was almost going to bid on a short mount 105mm but realised it was for the bellows. haha. I will have to look for what is available in the K/AR mount, Screw Mount or Nikon non-Ai mount for 90mm+ lenses that will be on eBay sooner or later.

Right now, I cannot bid on a lot of the new stuff, I will be leaving for 2 weeks to go home (and have no computer access) for X-mas, so anything after the 18th is a no-go right now, and that's too bad because I see a lot of great stuff up there right now! drat.

I think after boxing day Konica prices will settle down a bit again, they seem to be inflated a little lately.

Talk to you soon,


-- Anonymous, December 12, 2000

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