help is due thursday a research paper on poe,critics,biography : LUSENET : The Work of Edgar Allan Poe : One Thread

ok,i have started part of it on his biography but i need to do a footnote, and critism on his works of his short story's and that i really need help with, please be considerate and help me out. if i don't do this my teacher is failing me. i also need a bibliography for my source so if you may have one in mind that you have used write it down.

-- Anonymous, December 11, 2000



You might try the Edgar Allan Poe Society of Baltimore website at: There is excellent material on his life, his family, his friends and enemies and his mysterious death.

For summaries of his more popular works, you can try the Poe Decoder website at


-- Anonymous, December 11, 2000

Also, you can try your local school library. Arthur Hobson Quinn's "Edgar Allan Poe: A Critical Biography" and Marie Bonaparte's "The Life and Works of Edgar Allan Poe" are both good biographies--though somewhat dated. (The quotation marks should actually be underlines, but I don't know how to do it, so the quotes will have to suffice.)

Good luck,

-- Anonymous, December 11, 2000

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