I would like to thank Randolph Carlisle for selling me an FT-1!!!

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I would like to thank Randolph Carlisle for coming to my aid and offering one of his own personal Konica FT-1 bodies to sell to me. He was really great and fully honest in helping me out and answering my questions that I had.

So far, it is not 100% final (maybe 99%), but it is all done but the paperwork. So hats off to Randolph Carlisle who put me back into Konica SLR photography once more!!

He has even assured me that this one will work and it will be one of his best (non black) bodies! (he wanted to keep the black ones.. drat..haha). I'll let everyone know what it is like when I get it in the mail in a month. WOOHOOO!!

Thanks so much,

Mike LePard

-- Anonymous, December 11, 2000

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