DVD Player Stopped Recognizing My SVCD or VCD

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Have a Sony dvps560d dvd player. In the recent past, I have burned VCD's and SVCD's using Nero 5.0. I upgraded to Nero and now I am making cd-coasters... The disk is not being recognized in the DVD player. In addition Windows media player can not play the mpg2 file from the CD. What is wrong????

Here what I am do'in 1) ulead VideoStudio 4.0 to capture DV (avi) from camcorder via firewire. 2) Tmpgen v12a to convert avi to svcd or vcd format. 3) Nero to burn. 3.1) The CDR's I am using are the SAME as the ones that worked before.

I recently got all this stuff working very well and now I am making COASTERs.

Please...Any Thoughts Here is my system: Windows ME Intel Pentium 3 550MHz Coppermine, M/B : GA-6BA AT Form Factor, SlotKey: MSI Tech FPGA to Slot Converter 6905 Master HD Controller Promise Ultra66, HD: Maxtor 7200rpm 30 GB 53073u6, 7200rpm 40 GB 54098h8 Video: ATI Rage128pro CD Burner: Tec CD Writer CD-W54e RAM: Kingston PC100 value ram: 128MB+16MB+32MB Sound Card: SoundBlaster ISA AWE 64 5400 Firewire: IEEE 1394 Pyro By ADS NIC: Linksys Ethernet II Iomega External 100MB USB Zip Drive Digital Film Reader: Lexar USB Networking Hub: Linksys Ethernet 5 port


-- Thom Tarry (ttarry@ameritech.net), December 10, 2000


I fixed my own problem. I used a "CD Laser Lens Cleaner" disc...And it WORKED!

This device is a cd-disc with a tiny brush mounted on track 4...

My DVD player played back all my "coasters"...

Thanks anyway..


-- Thom Tarry (ttarry@ameritech.net), December 10, 2000.

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